June 25th – Hot, Hot, Hot

Firstly an apology. I have missed a few days posting but will endeavour to fill in the missed days over the next week or 2 by posting twice a day. It has been difficult, finding material to write about and also finding time to sit and post.

I ventured out today with a few buddies for a little hike over Salisbury plain. The weather here in the UK was warm (for the UK), with temperatures in the low 20’s by 9am, rising into the 30’s as the day progressed.

The walk was delightful as normal, with stunning scenery, quiet paths, and nature all around. I will use some of these images for other posts, but today’s image is of a sheep being sheared. The poor guy removing the fleece was dripping with sweat. The is physically hard work, but on a hot day like today must have been unbearable, but the sheep were mighty glad of a haircut. Ironically one of the people on the walk was a hairdresser who hasn’t worked for 3 months due to the lock-down.

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Slightly mad, with a love of nature and photography.

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