June 22nd – The collection grows

Over the last few weeks we have redecorated the lounge, mainly due to the leak of water trashing the ceiling, but it was due to be done soon anyway.

We also sorted out the jungle of cables from the TV and other associated boxes, and went for a new carpet. This meant getting everything out of the lounge, which resulted in all of the cupboards being unpacked into boxes so the the furniture could be shifted.

With the new carpet down, and the dogs having a good talking to, to ensure they understood they needed to wipe their feet prior to entering the room, and would not be allowed in under any circumstance if they had rolled in the brown smelly stuff they seem attracted to.

We also took the opportunity to de-clutter and move some stuff around. Today’s picture is of the new home for my Gin collection, which grew significantly over the weekend, thanks to gifts from dear friends and family for my birthday.

Published by taumataman

Slightly mad, with a love of nature and photography.

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