March 17th – Solitude…..

After an exhausting drive yesterday, more news came through from various friends about a complete lock-down in France, and so we headed for the nearest supermarket to get essentials, Beer, wine …. No I jest, water, tinned veg, packet soups, dog food etc.

Being in a motorhome is fab, but you are a little limited on storage. We have managed fine as we just buy when we need, but a lock down changes all of that, and so this was an essential trip. To give you an idea of how busy the supermarket was, I queued for well over an hour at the checkout, but got chatting to a guy in front of me who used to visit Roll Royce in Bristol a lot, and he wanted to practise his English…. He was quite a character and we put the world to rights and had a few laughs whilst inching forward in the queue.

163 Euro lighter, I got back to Dizzy to hear that Brittany Ferries were cancelling crossings from tomorrow. Our plan to find a camp site until the planned crossing on the 30th was in tatters, so we decided to leg it once again, staying on the motorway system to avoid the boys in blue and try to get to Calais for the Chunnel.

After 5 hours driving, with a few stops for the hounds we called it a day and parked up in a motorway Aire.

Chores needed to be done: Making telephone calls to book a vets appointment in Calais, getting tickets for the Euro Tunnel, cancelling the campsite and vets that we were going to use for the Ferry crossing, getting some food down for us and the dogs, and a long overdue beer.

We have another plan, 5 hour drive tomorrow, 3 on Thursday to get to the Vet, and Chunnel home on Friday lunchtime – What could possibly go wrong …..

Today’s photo is a bit boring, but it sums up what we are all being told, STAY AWAY FROM EVERYONE!!! Even Dizzy is in isolation 🙂

Stay safe my friends. Virtual Virus free hugs to you all x

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