March 16th – Decisions…..

Yes, I know, and I’m sorry it’s a day late. We left our overnight spot in the mountains of Portugal and walked the 4 legged kids. During this short walk we needed to make a decision. Stay in Portugal, or flee to Spain and try to get to France before the borders shut due to Covid-19.

It was a tough call, but we elected to try to get to Spain, as we knew the Portugal Spain Border was due to close any minute .

We left and drove….. and with very quiet roads saw the Espana sign. With a big sigh of relief (and somewhat of an anti-climax), we saw the border sign (today’s picture).

Whilst on this journey we thought about the decisions to make a run for it, and the consequences of not making it, and it brought home how fortunate we actually were. If we didn’t make it to Spain, we could head back south to the lovely campsite we found earlier in the trip and sit it out there. If we did make it to Spain but not to France, again we had great options open to us.

We weren’t fleeing for our lives in a war torn country, or racial / religious persecution, or even fleeing wild bush fires like folk in Australia just recently. As long as we had water and food we were fine.

The 4 legged children needed another walk and we stopped at a place we had found using one of our apps. It was a beautiful river side location, and the dogs had a good run / swim in the river.

Whilst walking, our 2nd major decision of the day was discussed. Again, do we stay or do we go. Pro’s and cons to both but we ended up jumping back in Dizzy (The MoHo) and heading as quickly as possibly to the French border.

We reached it and crossed without any fuss at 11pm, with the only excitement being a little snow blizzard to drive through in the Navadas. Were we really sunbathing yesterday?

A long day, but one we will reflect on with mixed emotions.

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Slightly mad, with a love of nature and photography.

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