March 15th – Bugs

We love travelling, especially with our 4 legged children, but walking our hounds on this trip has been a little problematic. Pine Processionary Caterpillars can cause serious problems for our 4 legged friends, as well as humans.

There is a quite a lot of info out there on t’internet but I thought I would just highlight it on this post to hopefully make more people aware. In Spain and Portugal there are countless nests in the pine trees, but in doing some research for this post there was also a plague of Oak Processionary Caterpillars affecting northern Europe last year (including the SE of the UK) – A link for more information can be found here

Anyway, these pesky bugs have very few predators and seem to be everywhere, so today’s picture will show you what the nests look like (almost like a spiders web or cotton wool in the tree), so you can be aware and please educate friends and family (especially if they have animals).

Stay safe peebs xx

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