March 18th – Perspectives

So as a keen photographer, traveller and driver, my normal routes are planned to avoid motorways as much as possible. It is very frustrating to see a beautiful image / scene, and not be able to stop and have a snap, but that has been our situation over the last few days as we race through Northern Spain and now France to get to the Euro-tunnel.

I could whinge and whine about not being able to stop and shoot the stunning countryside, birds posing on posts, Chateaus sitting atop a hill, but let’s face it, with the current situation around the world it would be completely inappropriate.

Some folks are seriously ill, some being put on short work time, and business owners having to close the doors for a month or so to their customers (especially in the tourist industry).

It is times like this we all need to re-assess what our priorities are, help our family, friends and community where possible. So, sorry – no stunning landscape photo this evening due to our circumstances, but hopefully the words around the image will be more relevant, and Alfie send his love and licks x

My name is Alfie and I hope your all well and safe x

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Slightly mad, with a love of nature and photography.

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