March 8th – Senses

Yes, I have spelt it right ….

Photography is one of my favourite pastimes and so what I will say in the post may surprise a few.

Today’s image is OK, but it only captures and uses one of our senses, that of sight. You can’t feel the warm breeze, you can’t smell the scent of the eucalyptus, or feel the rough ground under your feet, that I experienced when this image was taken.

And yet in today’s digital world our visionary sense has been elevated to dangerous levels. Some people are so worried about what they look like, and how others will judge them by appearance alone that it causes major stress in their lives.

I was working online a few days ago with a young person who was really anxious about their weight. Digging a little deeper this person had been a little large in the past and had been bullied through it. They had lost the weight, but were now consumed in anxiety, scared they would regain weight.

The tact I took was to ask a few simple questions: 1. Who do you really admire in your life? (answer: their teacher). 2. Why is this teacher so special? (answer – They’re funny, clever, smiley and interested in their pupils).

My next statement brought it home – “You didn’t mention how they look….. “. The young person, got it, and later fed back that they felt much better (a very brief summary of a complex conversation).

Although I love my hobby, and looking at beautiful things around us in the world, I sometimes think that the world would be a kinder, happier place if we had spells in our lives where we had no vision, and had to rely on our other senses.

Never judge a book by it’s cover, and don’t ignore those other senses. xx

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Slightly mad, with a love of nature and photography.

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