March 7th – Water

Another fabulous day in Portugal, really warm and still only early March, our 4 legged, furry children are glad we’re not here in summer, camped by a fabulous reservoir.

Travelling in a motor-home, especially off grid, does make you consider water usage a lot more than we do at home. We can carry 100 litres of fresh water, and our waste tank is also 100 litres, which means we need to be much more considerate about how we use it.

We have a shower on board, but rather than letting it flow all the time, we rinse ourselves, switch the water off, apply shower gel, and then rinse off the soap, not something we’d consider at home.

With more and more people on our planet, fresh water will become more and more valuable, and demand for this finite resource will increase. I will certainly be more conscious of how much water I use after this trip.

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Slightly mad, with a love of nature and photography.

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