March 6th – One of those days

Let’s face it, we all have them now and again and today it was our turn. It started off with Alfie being sick in the van, he’d obviously munched something whilst out walking that disagreed with him. Will he learn from it? – Doubtful.

So we sorted that out, and headed up the coast, looking for somewhere to walk the dogs as where we stayed last night had no dogs on beach signs everywhere. We managed a little walk, and set off again but the route we choose, although pretty, didn’t give many stopping opportunities.

Time marched on and we found a campsite online that looked promising so we headed off there and took a look. The site was fine, but there was no where to walk the woofers.

We then headed for another area, which was much better, and took the dogs out again. I took the camera, which had developed a fault, and can only be used in auto-mode (I normally shoot in manual).

We get back to Dizzy, only to discover that the camera memory card wasn’t in the camera, and it took some finding….. Thanks Denise x

Anyway – First world problems. I am a firm believer that issues are sent to test us, and also help us appreciate life when they go well. Alfie is better, the camera can be sorted when I get home and I have a work around , the sun is shining, the BBQ is lit, it’s beer o’clock and tomorrow is a new day. Stay positive folks x.

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Slightly mad, with a love of nature and photography.

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