Mar 1st – Dina & Uwe

We awoke and the walked the woofers. Today was mostly a driving day and mainly on highways with no opportunity for photos, heading for the border of Portugal with a few dog stops en-route.

The scenery was pretty good, and we had a right giggle at tons of stork nests atop electric pylons, but time marched on and I started to wonder whether I would fail in my mission of finding a photo of the day, but lady luck stopped by as we checked into a little site for the night.

I had just paid at reception and a converted fire truck came chugging through the gates. I rushed back to Dizzy to get my camera, but I needn’t of worried as the lovely Dina & Uwe parked next to us.

The delightful couple from Germany opened up the side of the Fire engine to expose a host of storage, fridges and a lot of beer. They set out their camping chairs with sheepskin rugs, and got out there beautiful hanging baskets to adorn their pitch.

The world needs individuals like these guys. Much the same as Dangerous Steve that we met earlier in the trip, they are enjoying their travelling experience in a very different way to the normal Motorhome travellers, with the flash vans and satellite dishes atop the shining vehicles, but are nice human beings and my life is richer through meeting and chatting to them. Thanks Dina & Uwe – Safe travels x

Just in case Denise burns Dizzy down – lol

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