March 2nd – How will this day turn out?

We said adios to Spain, and Ola to Portugal today. We’ve really enjoyed Spain, the weather, food, and people have been great, but it’s time to head West and North as we’re 60% through our trip.

We left our stop from last night and headed to the Supermarket to stock up on supplies, then hit the road. We had a choice…. An hour and a half journey via motorway and tolls or 2 and half avoiding toll roads. We elected to go the fast route, and got to the campsite only to find it full 😦

There was a bit a rough ground about 1/2 a mile from the site so we thought we’d stop there, got the BBQ out and started on lunch, but that was interrupted by a French lady telling us that it was private property and we couldn’t stop. I put on the charm and assured her we’d leave after our lunch which she seemed to accept. We then drove our planned route up the 266, looking for places we could walk the woofers and possibly stay the evening

It was a very pretty route, but the road surface (when there was one) was pretty rough. We were starting to think that we may have to drive quite a long way when we happened to recheck our position with one of the camping apps we use and saw a stop (no services) about 15 minutes away.

Having filled and emptied the various tanks before leaving our last stop we were OK to be off-grid for a few nights so we set off.

What a find!! We are parked by a massive reservoir and a great walk right behind us. Simply stunning.

I have said before, and I’ll repeat that I’m a great believer in fate. Stay positive in the mind and things generally work out.

Stunning stop at Santa Clara-a-velha

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