Feb 29th – Facebook

Well, it has it’s critics, people moaning about she said this, or he said that, but we are very fortunate, and have great FB friends (well if they weren’t nice people why accept friend requests??).

Anyway, a guy I knew and used to work with 20+ years ago saw we were travelling and suggested (via facebook) that we dropped into a beach at Bolonia, which was just 15 minutes from where we had camped.

We are so glad we did. As nice as the place was that we had stayed at for 3 days, we felt it was time to move on and the weather wasn’t as good this morning (but still glorious compared to the UK). The dogs had a good walk on the beach, and we followed Simon’s recommendations for a restaurant and had a fab lunch.

So in my humble opinion, you can’t really blame the social media platform for bad stuff on it. That’s down to people, and if I see stuff I don’t like, it’s bye-bye time to those that posted it – simples :). Used correctly, with lovely people as friends and it can bring major benefits. Thanks again Simon.

Fab beach, restaurants and archaeological sites to visit and Bolonia

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One thought on “Feb 29th – Facebook

  1. Quite agree Neil. I put the nasty stuff down to people having dull lives and taking it out on other people!! If I see a nasty post I just shoot straight past it

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