June 30th – look back or forward?

Well, I like to do both.

The picture today is of our calendar. Each year I create a calendar which has photos of a year ago in that month.

As we hit 100 days in lockdown (in the UK), and say goodbye to June, I reflect on last year’s trip to Scotland from the calendar with very fond memories, and also what has occurred this month in 2020, but also look forward to July.

Looking forward can be daunting, especially if you are worried about job security or anything else looming. I feel for you, having been there, but one thing is certain, worrying about it won’t improve or change anything, and is wasted energy. It is far better to use that energy to plan for possible contingencies, in case they are required.

I have always tried to approach change with an optimistic view, because as one chapter ends, another begins, and that can be even better than the last. I’m also a great believer in fate.

Published by taumataman

Slightly mad, with a love of nature and photography.

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