May 16th – Memories

Again, love it or hate it, Facebook does pop up some memories which takes us back to different events.

This time last year we were a few days into our Motorhome trip up to Scotland, and the weather was great. We took the woofers on a lovely walk on the Northumberland coast.

Sitting here in lock-down, we’d dearly love to be on the road again, but c’est la vie, we are going to be cautious and stay put. It seems silly to put ourselves at risk, and would we really be able to relax? Better to wait for when things really get back to normal.

Today’s photo’s is of our 2 Flatties on that trip. Stay safe friends x

Published by taumataman

Slightly mad, with a love of nature and photography.

2 thoughts on “May 16th – Memories

  1. Dear Niel, one day, when everything gets back to normal I’ll seek your advice for planning a visit to Scotland. Stay safe you two!


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