April 10th – The local….

Today’s post and picture features the local village pub. It is well documented that the pub industry was in trouble pre Covid-19, but the current lockdown may well be the final nail in the coffin for the great British local.

I feel desperately sorry for all landlords, and ladies but especially Nick & Karen at our local, who have had to close their doors, lose all of their income, and still have obligations to breweries.

Let’s hope that the Government can support smaller pubs and not just the mega chains, and protect this very traditional way of life in the UK.

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2 thoughts on “April 10th – The local….

  1. Nick and Karen deserve my deepest sympathy. The first time I visited the UK was in 1998. And revisited almost every year since then. Always on business. But I only started enjoying the UK after going to Bath and staying at Taumata’s. I remember the first time I met Nick. I was with a colleague and we had diner at The Bell – I believe the first time I didn’t have pizza or curry… I learned then what a ” three meat Sunday roast” was, tried the “Fish and chips”. One occasion we participated in a Pub Quiz helped by Karen who spotted our poor knowledge on British subjects and decided to give us some leverage. The people I had the chance to meet at the pub were really friendly (recognized me in the following year). One time I revisited Bath with a couple of friends and stayed at Trowbridge, but made a detour to have dinner at The Bell and visit my friends. After all, Nick has an espresso machine and Karen’s 80’s hit collection (with Duran-Duran) was normally playing – what else do we need! I wish them the best and hopefully, when this is all a thing from the past, I’ll again go to The Bell to drink a nice cold cider. Stay safe.


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