March 20th – Relief

Today’s image won’t win any prizes, it is a scene which thousands of people see but it was very significant for us today.

Having decided to cut our trip short due to the Covid-19, racing through the borders of Portugal, and Northern Spain, having our ferry cancelled and travel restrictions growing tighter by the hour, it was only when we got on the Euro-Tunnel we finally relaxed. We would be getting back to the UK.

It was surprisingly quiet, and this was our first experience on the Euro-Tunnel, but it won’t be our last. It was incredibly efficient, staff friendly, and although we booked the 12.50 train, as we were early we got offered the 11.50 train at no extra cost .

As I sit here, on the sofa, with Alfie doing everything in his power to distract me, I feel incredible blessed that we are home. There are still friends making their way back to the UK. I wish them all safe travels.

The UK seems a lot more laid back than the rest of Europe over Covid-19. I hope it doesn’t bite us on the posterior.

On our travels we haven’t been doing the major cities and tourist attractions, and so our chance of becoming infected is pretty low, but we are still being very careful, especially as Denise is an asthmatic.

I have heard that the virus can survive on many surfaces (copper, cardboard, plastics etc) that has been contaminated by a carrier who may not show any symptoms. For more info click here. It is for this reason we should limited our contact with others and clean your hands thoroughly and frequently after being in public places.

Please be very vigilant, stay safe and look after each other.

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