March 13th – Art

We had a fabulous day travelling through the mountains of Portugal in Serra da Estrela, but today’s image was taken in a small town en-route (may have been Covilha – I can’t remember), but when doing some googleing to try to find it I came across an artist called Bordalo II who has created some amazing street art in Portugal. Click the link to see some other work of his.

The photo probably doesn’t do the piece justice, as a photograph has just 2 dimensions, and it was taken in a hurry as you can’t really block the road in a motorhome to really appreciate this work. However, on closer inspection of the photo, Bordalo II has signed it. I don’t recognise a lot of the junk used, but I so admire people that create stuff like this from waste material to brighten our lives.

I’m sure some folk won’t agree with me, and that’s fine. It wouldn’t do for us all to hold the same views, what a boring world we’d live in.

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Slightly mad, with a love of nature and photography.

One thought on “March 13th – Art

  1. Bordalo II is one of my favorite artists, his work is now in many cities, not only here in Portugal but I also found his sculptures in Berlin and Paris, foelr example 🙂 have a wonderful weekend, greetings from Lisbon, PedroL

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