Jan 19th – Winter woofer walk

What a fabulous winter’s day. The sun shone, and the dogs had fun. It was great not to see grey skies, and some of the ground was firm through frost however the dogs still managed to find mud.

It’s amazing what a difference clear skies makes to our moods. I feel really sorry for those folks affected by SAD (seasonal affected disorder). We even saw some snowdrops out.

Jan 18 – My turn to cook??? You’re joking, right???

I am incredibly fortunate to have married a lovely person, and a fabulous cook, which has led me to become a little lazy when it comes to sharing duties in the kitchen.

My excuse your honour, is that there is no way I would live up to the incredibly high standards of Denise…. But I have been playing a little more in the kitchen just recently.

There’s still no way I can compete with D’s culinary skills, but this evening a opened a bottle of wine (all great chef’s cook with wine don’t they?); set some music going and started reading Mary Berry’s fab recipe book.

I opted for cannelloni, with baked stuffed mushrooms, and some garlic bread.

I thought we had all the ingredients, but because we’re away traveling soon, Denise made some use it up soup. Anyway, our lovely neighbour Jules donated a carrot and away I went.

I really enjoyed the time, chopping this and stirring that, with the odd glug of wine (no wine was needed for the recipe – lol), and the meal was pretty decent.

Jan 17 – Does he work for MI5?

Owning a dog (especially a Large Munsterlander) can be very therapeutic. They are great characters, and you never know what might occur next….

They also get you out in all weather (as I found out earlier) when today’s photo was taken.

Now, back to the title of this post….

Well, Alfie is obsessed with looking for moles 不不, although he wasn’t impressed when he needed to get hosed down prior to coming back into the house.

Jan 16 – ch-ch-ch-changes…..

Some changes in our local field today. I felt sorry for the guys out in the weather which was pretty wild today.

Different people see change in different ways. For example, some people living in Rogers Close will now have enhanced views across the beautiful countryside toward Frome.

Others might think about the impact to wildlife, cutting back hedgerows and reducing nesting sites for birds.

Anyway, change affects different people in different ways. In my humble opinion the key is to empathize and respect other people’s opinions. You may not agree with them, and that’s fine.

New hedges are being planted on a different part of the field so everyone should be happy.

Jan 15 – weather….

We had our golf cancelled today as the course was waterlogged at Orchardleigh and the course was closed.

We managed to get a round in at West Wilts (a great course with lovely views) and we also got round with just a few minor showers.

It got me thinking about the crazy situation with global weather. Droughts in Zimbabwe, terrible bush fires in Australia, floods in the UK.

Wouldn’t it be great if everywhere got some rain overnight and sunshine during the day.

Humans technological advancements over the last few centuries has been extraordinary. Is there climate interference by states? Is it just down to climate change due to carbon emissions? Sorry, I don’t have the answer but it is very concerning.

My heart goes out to all those affected by the fires we see in Australia, and other disasters caused by extreme weather around the world. I wish we could export some of our rain to help our global brothers and sisters in other parts of the world.

Today’s image shows my dear step son being blessed by a rainbow…..

#rainbow #golf

Jan 13 – Buzz time…..

Some of you maybe aware that I (along with thousands of others) went down with a nasty virus which left a hacking cough.

I pleased to report, after 6 weeks, I am back in the gym, spin classes and yoga.

It’s amazing how much better I feel when I get the blood pumping and work up a sweat, both physically and mentally.

We are incredibly fortunate to be just 10 minutes from a fabulous facility (Writhlington Leisure), with a brilliant range of classes, really friendly staff and other members.

Jan 11th… Family….

Today, my little boy turned 21. We spent some quality time together and went for a nice meal.

It’s strange to see our children grow into adults, making their way in this big bad world.

All we can do as parents is to guide, be good role models, be good listeners and allow them to develop.

To get a good job, generally you need to get good results in education; to drive a car you need to pass a tough driving test; and yet you have the responsibility of bringing up a young person for 18+ years with no training, no test and not even a remote control 不

AJ has made his way to 21, and we are very proud of his achievements. He will always be our little boy, but as a fully grown man we wish him well, happiness and health. Happy Birthday buddy.

Jan 10th – Appreciation

An earlier post today, but I’m not going to say ‘early morning post’ for obvious reasons.

Anyway, this was my view when I took our 4 legged children for a walk this morning.

Some of you may have been aware that we were looking to sell our house. We had no luck, but our agents did find people that wanted to rent it, which led us to a mad scramble to Cornwall looking for a place of our own.

To cut a long story short, we failed in our mission to find somewhere with the things we currently enjoy, (like this beautiful view) so we have decided to stay where we are for a few more years.

I’m a great believer in fate, and sometimes in life the grass can seem greener somewhere else, but open your eyes and appreciate what you have.