July 27th – Double rainbow

The weather was a little unpredictable when we played golf this afternoon, and got caught by a shower or 2 but it could have been worse and we did get to experience a double rainbow.

Many believe, from a spiritual perspective, that a double rainbow is all about new beginnings and transformations. Apparently, when a double rainbow appears in your life it is presenting you with an opportunity for growth, self- discovery, and evolution. Thus It brings a magical energy into your world, the energies of peace & prosperity, abundance, sacredness and success. (Not sure that was quite true relative to the golf)

Again, many believe that there is something extraordinary about having a double rainbow appear in your life, and this is due to the symbolism inherent. Spiritually, the first rainbow represents the material world, physical reality or manifestation of some sort on the earth plane. On the other hand, the second rainbow is symbolic of spirit, another dimension of consciousness and a more subtle way of being.

What ever you believe, it was nice to witness. May peace and good fortune be with you all. x

Published by taumataman

Slightly mad, with a love of nature and photography.

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