July 4th – Walking

We were up early and headed down to Exford (2 hours away), a little village in the heart of Exmoor, for a 7 mile socially distanced hike with friends and our 4 legged children. The weather wasn’t the best, being quite breezy, and drizzly, but it wasn’t cold.

The route we chose was pretty mixed, with a few hills, open moorland, wooded areas and some by the river. We had done part of the walk before many years ago, but that was in February and the scenery was very different.

There were very few people around, which suited us, and everyone had a good time, with stunning scenery.

Today, was the day that the UK took a step back to normality, with Pub’s, cafe’s, some hotels, hairdressers etc re-opening. Whilst walking I thought how nice diversity is. Some people love noisy, busy pubs yet here we were having a great time in the middle of nowhere.

Published by taumataman

Slightly mad, with a love of nature and photography.

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