June 15th – Trophy

Today’s picture is of the ‘Daneromi’ Trophy (from the first 2 letters of Dave, Neil, Rob and Mike). We have been playing golf together for a while, and late last year we got a little trophy which is awarded to the winner after each game.

I had a ‘purple patch’ and won 3 times on the trot, and on Monday the trophy came back to our street, but unfortunately to the house next door where Dave lives :).

Our little trophy has been living in a sanitised bag for a while. Hopefully, it will soon be able to get some fresh air.

We all play with friendly banter, and although there is a little competition, it is very good-natured. Hopefully it will come back in the near future, but judging on how I played today it may take a while. It is a strange game, where one minute you can’t do anything wrong, and the next hole it looks like your playing for the first time. Ho-hum.

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