Feb 27th – Drugs…..

I was half way through writing my post for today when I needed to stop and call the vet. Velvet, our 10 and a half year old flatcoated retriever was not her normal crazy self. She was wobbly, violently sick and twitchy.

After talking to the vet on the phone it was clear we needed to take her in. The vet kindly stayed open until we got there and came into Dizzy to look at her. She half walked and was then carried the rest of the way into the vets. After a thorough check over and Xray, the vet suspects that she has ingested drugs from our trip to the beach this afternoon.

88 Euro’s worth of hangover cure for the mad mutt, because someone couldn’t dispose of the joint in a responsible way. She is still spaced out and we need to go back tomorrow (A bank holiday in Spain) but at least our minds at ease.

So today’s picture has changed and is now our truly ‘Dopey’ dog, Velvet…..

Hey – man – That sand is cool ….

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Slightly mad, with a love of nature and photography.

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