Feb 22nd – Fences….

I originally started this blog to get my photography mo-jo back (what ever that is) but has kind of developed as the days / weeks pass, and I find myself reflecting back on snippets of information I have acquired during my life, with a view to pass them on (if anyone wants them).

As the sun set on a beautiful day in Spain, and after a nice barbecue supper by the beach, I headed out with my camera to see what I could find. I took a number of images but this was the one I choose for today’s post.

Why?? Well, originally I was struck by how the setting sun was reflecting on the bars of the fence, but then, as normal the random thoughts crept into my mixed up mind, and I cast my mind back to when I was working, managing corporate clients. One of my favourite sayings was “Strong fences makes good neighbours”.

In the job context, this was quite simply that a well written, clear, un-ambiguous contract meant that the relationship was relatively easy to manage. There were clear boundaries and responsibilities. Could they be changed? Absolutely. A simple change order to amend the contract signed by both parties would ensure the agreement was documented and if there were any changes in the pricing model due to the change, that was included in the Change Order.

It is also ironic that a strong fence (brick wall) resolved an issue with a past ‘neighbour from hell’ a few years ago. He finally moved and our new neighbour (you couldn’t wish for nicer people) only bought the house after the wall was erected.

Anyway – I hope you like today’s image and I hope all of your ‘fences’ are strong.

Strong fences make good neighbours

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