Feb 20th – Challenge accepted

So today’s post is kind of a follow on from yesterday’s where I was toying with the idea of checking out a mountain track. Karen, you got your wish.

After a wonderful morning walking the 4 legged children, we got back to Dizzy (the Moho) and Mrs L and the mutleys crashed. I decided to jump on the bike and hit the trail.

I must admit it was tough going, because even though I had a bike with a friend called Mr. Terry (first name Bat), it couldn’t be used due to the lose gravel and stone.

The view from the top was stunning and worth the effort. No people, fab views and peace & quiet. The ride down was equally challenging and I nearly fell off a few times due to the rough terrain but made it back in one piece. I love this part of Spain.

It would have been very easy to sit quietly after the long walk , have a beer and read my book but the views I would have missed and the sense of achievement would have been a great loss. We all have choices in our life, and sometimes a bit of pain gives a lot of gain.

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Slightly mad, with a love of nature and photography.

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