Jan 22nd – The first day of our little jaunt

We had an interesting night in a cabin with 3 dogs, and needed to be up at 5am (uk time) to get off the ferry. It was very cold but our spirits were high, looking forward to our trip.

As we headed off, deliberately avoiding motorways to enjoy villages enroute, the dash thermometer got down to -5C!

My mantra today was “You need to keep the curb on your-side! You need to keep the curb on your-side!” Because we were on major / minor roads. The speed limit was usually a max of 80km/hr (approx 50mph) which suited us just fine. On the this trip we are in no hurry.

It was a pleasure to amble through the French countryside, looking at the sleepy villages with historic buildings.

It’s such a shame we have to live our working lives at a break-neck speed. I’m sure if we slowed down, we would all enjoy life more and be more productive because of it.

Published by taumataman

Slightly mad, with a love of nature and photography.

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