Jan 11th… Family….

Today, my little boy turned 21. We spent some quality time together and went for a nice meal.

It’s strange to see our children grow into adults, making their way in this big bad world.

All we can do as parents is to guide, be good role models, be good listeners and allow them to develop.

To get a good job, generally you need to get good results in education; to drive a car you need to pass a tough driving test; and yet you have the responsibility of bringing up a young person for 18+ years with no training, no test and not even a remote control 🤣

AJ has made his way to 21, and we are very proud of his achievements. He will always be our little boy, but as a fully grown man we wish him well, happiness and health. Happy Birthday buddy.

Jan 10th – Appreciation

An earlier post today, but I’m not going to say ‘early morning post’ for obvious reasons.

Anyway, this was my view when I took our 4 legged children for a walk this morning.

Some of you may have been aware that we were looking to sell our house. We had no luck, but our agents did find people that wanted to rent it, which led us to a mad scramble to Cornwall looking for a place of our own.

To cut a long story short, we failed in our mission to find somewhere with the things we currently enjoy, (like this beautiful view) so we have decided to stay where we are for a few more years.

I’m a great believer in fate, and sometimes in life the grass can seem greener somewhere else, but open your eyes and appreciate what you have.

Jan 9th….. Determination

Alfie, our 1 year Large Munsterlander is incredibly enthusiastic and determined. Here he is on beach earlier digging like his life depended on it.

We will never know why, but that isn’t the point, he is happy in his endeavour, and driven to complete his goal (whatever that was).

If you have a clear goal that is important to you, your motivation might reach that of Alfie’s. Don’t give up, and enjoy the challenge.

Jan 8th….. Signs of spring?

Today’s image is of some bulbs starting to poke up through the soil, giving us all optimism of warmer days ahead.

Nature’s cycle is pretty cool, and as things die off in the winter months, with nights getting darker and colder we know that there are better times ahead.

I believe life is pretty similar in a weird way. The ups and downs are less predictable than the seasons, but I’m a firm believer that we need some harsh times in our lives to truly appreciate the good times.

May this photo represent some optimism in your lives….

Jan 7th – One thing is certain……

We attended the funeral of a dear friends father today, which led to today’s photo and post.

There’s nothing more certain in our crazy world than death, we just don’t know when it will occur, so why not make the most of every day.

The poignant eulogy at today’s service was also inspiring. As one gets older and attend more funeral services, it makes you reflect on your own unwritten eulogy. How do you want to be remembered? What words do you want spoken at your service? We can all influence this by living good lives and being kind to others. Success is not measured by a £ symbol, but rather the richness of your life and the number of people who want to pay their respect. A lesson for us all

Jan 6th – Desolate

We travelled back from Cornwall earlier, after a house hunting expedition, and came across Bodmin Moor.

With rain lashing down, gulls swimming in puddles and wild horses grazing, it made me consider how lucky ‘most’ humans are to have shelter, especially in the winter. However, the animals didn’t seem unhappy, so how come people get down when things don’t go their way?

4th Jan – Art with a profound message

We came across this art whilst wandering through Perranporth, Cornwall. It’s made completely of rubbish collected from the beach. When you next visit a beach take a bag and do a little beach clean. I agree, we shouldn’t need to, but if everyone does a little the problem gets manageable.

3rd Jan

To retire, or not to retire – That was the question. Many folk I spoke to asked “Won’t you be bored? What will you do with your time?”

Well, like most things ‘if you fail to plan you plan to fail’. I have many hobbies and interests, I sometimes wonder how I managed to fit work in. Thanks to my good friend and neighbour (Dave), I also added golf to the list. Will I ever be any good? Doubt it, but I really enjoy being out in the fresh air with nice guys, sharing a good laugh, and sometimes hitting a ball in the right direction. Do you have a plan for retiring?

We managed to get out for a round which was a glorious winters day.

2nd Jan,2020

Back to work day for some (thankfully not me). Going back to work after a break can be stressful, not helped by the time of year when we generally have dark skies, which led me to today’s photo.

What do you see?

Do you see dark skies, bad weather, desolate landscapes


Do you see open space, a possible adventure or lovely walk (despite the weather)

Same picture but different people will view it in very different ways. If you know anyone that see’s the dark skies, how about reaching out to them, checking they’re ok, share a joke or a happy memory you can both relate to, especially at this time of the year.