Feb 10th – House by the coast???

Whilst travelling you come across some amazing sights, and today was no exception. We had a fabulous day roaming with the 4 legged children, and met up with some ex-pat friends who now live over here.

The place is idyllic, with winter sun, 20+degrees Celcius, and gorgeous coastlines, but…. today’s image demonstrates that all is not well with our planet . This seaside home was completely destroyed by the recent storms that hit Spain.

I feel incredibly sorry for any folk, be it in Spain (recent storm), Australia (bush fires), Zimbabwe (droughts) etc etc affected by these UN-natural incidents although sadly the predictions are that they will be more common place.

Antarctica recorded its highest ever temperature of 18.5C. No one government can make a difference in isolation sadly, but GLOBAL education and peoples choices can….. It’s down to us as humans that live on this beautiful planet to champion the change for our children, and grandchildren’s sake

Feb 9th – Best Buddy?

Today’s picture features our youngest dogs. Callie, a 4 year old Flatcoated retriever, and Alfie, our 18 month old Large Munsterlander.

When Alfie first joined our pack, Callie was Callie…… A bit off to put it mildly. She needs to adapt to change in her own time, and snapped a few times at Alfie when he came along to say hi, play with me, but within 48 hours they became best buddies, and remain so to this day.

Just before this photo was taken it was Alfie’s head on Callie, but as soon as I moved to get the camera they moved as normal, so now with camera in hand it was a waiting game pretending to play on my phone and they settled down again (albeit the other way around.

Very cute, I’m sure you’ll agree, but it got me thinking about close relationships. I’m in contact with many a troubled soul via some charity work I have become involved in (SHOUT – https://www.giveusashout.org/).

Most, if not all of the people needing help have no one close to confide in. It may sound daft, but it it is far easier to identify a mentor or confidant before you really need them.

If you know some one who struggles with their mental health, why not offer to be there for them should they ever need it, just to listen, not to judge, correct, or give an opinion – Just listen.

These 2 definitely have each other to lean on. Hugs to all

Feb 8th – Health and safety???

A bit of comedy for today’s post. Whilst walking today we came across this tree, apparently being supported by a small plank of wood 不不, or was the tree holding the plank in place??不不

You can imagine the insurance claim….

‘well I was walking down the street and a tree fell on me, it obviously wasn’t supported properly as I saw others propped up with a bit of wood’

I’m sure it’s not but it brought a smile to our faces. You see some strange things whilst traveling.

It reminded me of a trip to Zimbabwe. We visited a wonderful place (Mterezi falls), but we were seven hundred meters up and we saw a waterfall crashing down from the top.

There were no railings, safety notices etc etc…. When I asked a local about it, they simply said that it was their way of getting rid of stupid people 不不不

Be safe my friends and smile…

Feb 7th – Geology….. Makes you wonder

We took the 4 legged children for a walk in Parc Natural de la Serra Calderona. It was gorgeous, fab scenery, fresh air and very few people, but as we wandered along dirt tracks, surrounded by mountains, the mind started wandering (as normal).

What wildlife might still exist in the caves high up in the hills? How many millions of years have these rocks been untouched by humans? Will they still be there in the next millennium?

Human beings have made such an impact on the planet that we call home, and yet when you are in un-spoilt wilderness, looking at rocks that have been there for millions of years. It makes you realise how small we are as individuals, compared to the landscape. Let’s hope future generations will value this and not let greed destroy the small parts of our planet that remain as nature intended.

Feb 6th – Where would you rather be?

We walked the hounds, and carried out some chores before hitting the road again. Our ‘rough’ plan was to follow the med coast southwards, but travelling with our 4 legged children in Spain has thrown up some challenges.

Our dogs love to run, off the lead, sniff and chase and have fun. Unfortunately most of the beaches we have come across have had ‘No Dogs!!’ signs everywhere.

Some of the locals completely ignore the signs and let their dogs on the beach anyway, but rules are rules, and we feel uncomfortable ignoring clear signage.

So after leaving our resting place last night (a lovely site but again I had work the charm as they only allowed 2 dogs, not 3), we continued down the coast. Everywhere we came to had the dreaded ‘No Dogs’ sign, so we headed for the hills and found ‘Paraje Natural del Desert de les Palmes’.

We headed up the windy steep road and then came across a restaurant at the top with a car park large enough for Dizzy (the motorhome) but it was marked Private.

I wandered across to the restaurant and asked permission to stay a while. The lady I spoke to was lovely and agreed, and so we then set off with the ‘4 legged’ kids and took in some amazing views, mostly of the coast line that we thought we’d be walking, and the coast is pretty built up. We didn’t see another sole, which suited us just fine.

It’s great to have a plan, but sometimes when the plan doesn’t work out, fate takes over. We really enjoyed our walk, took some nice photo’s and had a great coffee at the restaurant afterwards. Sometimes you need to just go with the flow and see what happens.

Feb 5th – Hope

Travelling today we saw many amazing sights, but the focus of today’s post is on the blossom of the trees. It was everywhere, and unfortunately the best was on parts of a road where you couldn’t stop to take photographs. An amazing array of different shades of whites and pinks depending on the variety of trees.

Blossom on the trees always makes me feel optimist. Summer is around the corner, and the grey days of winter will soon be a thing of the past. Nature is waking from it’s winters slumber, and our world will be bright again and warm again.

Mankind can do wonderful things these days, but we still fall way short of the miracles of the natural cycles in our world.

Feb 4th – Steve & Bryan …..

When travelling you come across some really interesting characters. We were delighted and honoured to have just such an experience today. Steve (the human from Grimsby) and his dog Bryan (named after a certain Bryan Adams) were travelling around in his van (The Dream Catcher).

Steve chuckled when he said the stickers on his van cost more the the van itself, and he would be the first to admit that The Dream Catcher stood out like a sore thumb amongst the Motorhomes in the park, but material things don’t matter. He was a free spirit, travelling with his dog, having fun like the rest of us.

I was particularly touched by the sticker of a Robin on the side of the Dream catcher. Steve explained that his dad loved Robin’s, and when every he saw one he felt like his late dad was watching over him, so he decided to take his late Dad on his trip via the sticker.

We chatted on many occasions about nature, peace and quiet, and other travel related stories (like him losing his passport on this trip). I’m sure had we met earlier in life, or lived closer we’d become really good friends.

He had ditched the suit, collar & tie world to enjoy life, and he shared what he did prior to his retirement. Any guesses?? I would never had guessed in a million years. Today’s moral – ‘Never judge a book by it’s cover’.

When composing this blog in my head, and couldn’t help but think of the way Billy Connelly would have told the story, his Scottish accent singing the words, and Steve could spin a yarn like the Big Yin himself.

As Steve headed North, and us South, we wished each other safe travels, and if you ever need a place to park the Dream Catcher whilst travelling through Somerset, be sure to give us a call – You’d be very welcome.

Steve & Bryan

Feb 3rd – Fun in the sun

Owning dogs comes with responsibilities, and one of them is exercise. But today’s exercise was pure joy, with the sun beating down, and nice 20 something degrees, and amazing scenery .

We decided to get our bikes into action. Now this was another first for Alfie (the Large Munsterlander), and after an excited 2 minutes of barking, prancing and general ‘what the hell are you sat on?’ conversation from him, he got the general idea and trotted along.

We didn’t go fast, nor far (Velvet our eldest Flattie at 10+ would have suffered the following day) but all had a great time and we saw far more on our bikes than we would have walking.

Exercise doesn’t have to be hard, grunty stuff in a gym. Cycling is a great way of keeping fit, with minimal impact on joints and great fun.

Feb 2nd – Reflections

We saw an amazing sunset this evening, and I tried to capture it the best I could in the photo below. (hope you like it).

But reflections can mean many different things to many people. At my stage of life, I find myself reflecting more and more about the decisions / choices I have made in the past. Not to regret them, but just to wonder how my life would have turned out if I’d chosen a different path.

When I left school at 16, I applied for many jobs and actually got offered 4. I needed to make a choice, and it was a tough decision. The job I really wanted, along with 2 others were conditional on my exam grades, and one wasn’t. Being low in confidence I opted for the safe route, but that entailed me going to college at Kingston-upon-Thames for a year, and then block release for another 4 years whilst I travelled around the country installing and commissioning electronic telephone exchanges.

I was initially terribly homesick, and the guys I shared a room with gave me the nick name of ‘Farm’ (Can’t underside why ) it would be labelled as bullying in today’s terms, but I stuck it out and I am so glad I did. I became independent, made mistakes and learnt from them, became a stronger person, and developed my own personality. This would not have happened, had I stayed at home.

It turns out that I scraped through my exams and so could have had my dream job, but again no regrets, fate intervened.

So overall. this picture, although it has nothing to do with my life makes me personally reflect.

Feb 1st – People watching…..

The sun shone, the temperature was around 20c and life is good. We spent a good while of today at Sitges, near Barcelona in Spain (or Catelonia depending on your politics) where today’s photo was taken. It was great to see so many folk out walking, on scooters, cycling or running, enjoying the great out-doors on a beautiful day.

Most folk had smiles on their face, dressed very smart, dad’s teased their kids, and lovers held hands. We sat, reading our books, with no particular place to go and had an occasional glance at life around us, appreciating just how fortunate we are.

Today’s weather was very kind, and I assume that had it been throwing it down with rain, or freezing cold the sights would have been very different, (we certainly wouldn’t have been reading outside), but today’s post is a reminder for us all to get out when we have the opportunity, and make time for ourselves. It’s a cliche I know, but your life is no dress rehearsal – enjoy it